Yellow chicken with amaranth


1/2 kg of tomatoes
2 onions
10 chilies guajillos
4 chayotes
1/4 kg of green beans
3 potatoes
1 cup of amaranth flour
1 kg of chicken
2 garlic cloves
Hierba Santa, cumin, pepper, and salt, to taste


1.- Begin to cook the chicken with the onion and salt (to taste).
2.- Devein the chilies and toast them over fire. When the chilis are clean and toasted, put them in hot water.
3. begin to cook the chayotes, potatoes and green beans. (Allow them to cook only half way because they will finish being cooked along with the rest of the stew.)
5. Grind the garlic, cumin, pepper, onion, and chilies. Add them to the pot where the chicken is cooking.
6. Add the amaranth leaves and hierba santa.
7. Separately, dissolve the amaranth dough and flour in water. Mix it into the stew.
8. Add the vegetables to the stew and allow them to cook. When everything is done, remove from the stove and serve.



1 small pot of bean paste
20 pieces of toast
1 cup of amaranth flour
cheese, to taste
20 large amaranth leaves, cut
1/2 cabbage, sliced
2 cups of amaranth cereal


1.– Little by little, add the amaranth paste to the bean paste. Stir well until the flour cannot be spotted.
2.– Combine the cabbage with the amaranth leaves and cereal.
3.– Lastly, spread the bean paste over the pieces of toast and top with a generous amount of amaranth leaves and cauliflower.
4.– Garnish with cheese.