Rice and amaranth smoothie

1 cup of amaranth flour         
1/4 kg of rice 
1 cup of amaranth cereal       
1 liter of water sugar and ground cinnamon (as necessary)  

1.– Start to cook the rice and milk on low heat, and when the rice begins to cook, add the cinnamon.
2.– Dissolve the amaranth flour in water, and when  the rice is well cooked, stir it in along with sugar.  Allow everything to boil for about 5 to 10 minutes.   
3.– Allow it to coo.  Sprinkle with amaranth cereal before serving.     

Oats and amaranth smoothie

2 liters of water           
1 cup of oats 2 cups of amaranth flour       
1 cup of amaranth cereal cinnamon and sugar, to taste    

1.– Start to boil the water, cinnamon, and oats.
2.– Separately, with a bit of water, dissolve the amaranth flour.
3.– Stir the dissolved amaranth flour into the boiling water while stirring so it does not stick to the pot. Allow it to reach boiling point. 
4.– Add the amaranth cereal and sugar. Serve.   
**This amaranth flour drink can be used like any other flour drink