Amaranth: A World of Opportunity

Program for the Amaranth Institute Conference 2015 

THURSDAY, September 24th
5-6 PM Installation of poster presentations
5-8 PM Conference Registration
6-8 PM Poster Viewing Available
7-8 PM Welcome Reception

Opening Speaker
Jonathan Walters: Director Sales & Marketing at Nu-World Amaranth, Inc. (d.b.a. Nu-World Foods), and Conference Chair for the 2015 Amaranth Institute (15 minutes)

Call For Papers 2015

In representation of the Amaranth Institute Board and members, I am excited to invite extend a call for proposals to present during the 2015 Amaranth Institute conference to be held in Chicago, Illinois from September 24-26.    

Oral PresentationsIf you are interested please send the title of oral presentations (aka open assembly) and basic executive summary, half a page to me  by April 1 (which could be extended if vacant slots exist).

Amaranth Worldwide Project

Amaranth Worldwide Project (AWP) is a non-profit organization with the goal of increasing the beneficial utilization of amaranth as a source of food, medicine, and in other applications.

AWP commits to uniting a community of people, companies, and research institutions to advance this goal. Specifically, AWP will serve as a platform and catalyst for relationships among these groups so that all the benefits that amaranth has to offer to people are discovered and made known.