Welcome to the Amaranth Institute Web site!!


Dear Amaranth Institute members,

I am extremely excited to share with you the new Web site.    I think it can provide an incredible resource for us to share your talents and knowledge with a much wider audience of amaranth enthusiasts.     I believe the site also seeks to build on the original efforts and progress of the amaranth pioneers who contributed and continue to contribute without financial compensation.

It is my belief that we are at a critical junction in the food, health and ecological systems in the current age.  I see great potential with amaranth, as an alternative crop, owed to its unique qualities to enrich the debate and benefits to peoples in the USA, Canada and across the world.  

It is my hope that you peruse the Web pages and give immediate feedback and content that we can add.  But more importantly, I would ask you to take ownership of its friendliness, information and capacity to inspire deep discussions about amaranth, health, environment & agriculture, help out a fellow gardener know which amaranth seeds to plant, and of course, share the hundreds of nutritious and healthy recipes with amaranth, in all its forms, leafy greens, popped, and milled.

So please dive in, create a blog, keep using the listserve, send new academic content with sources/links, photos, recipes, you name it!

As they say in the youth circles, “Let’s get this amaranth party started!”   And thank you for all you do!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments.    

Warm regards,

Pete Noll


Thanks to Pete for trusting us with creating the new site and giving us the chance to help AI help itself.