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Mass media publications concerning amaranth and Amaranth Institute members' work

2 May 2017 Why Mexican Chefs, Farmers And Activists Are Reviving The Ancient Grain Amaranth
In ancient Mesoamerica amaranth was known as huautli, meaning "the smallest giver of life," and was grown in large quantities similar to that of maize. When the Spanish arrived in the 16th century, amaranth all but disappeared from the native diet. No one knows for sure why.

7 March 2017 Researchers Look to Amaranth Leaf as Fishmeal Alternative
As aquaculture continues to expand, more high quality feed is required to sustain the industry, but this is putting further strain on limited available ingredients such as fishmeal. Bonnie Waycott spoke to Professor Charles C. Ngugi of Mwea Aquafish Farm in Kenya to learn more about the amaranth leaf (Amaranthus hybridus), a possible fishmeal alternative.

18 February 2017 Experiencia con la adopción o rescate del amaranto en el estado
¿Sabías que el amaranto (llamado huautli en náhuatl) tuvo una larga historia en Mesoamérica, de más de cuatro mil años, y ya casi desapareció? 

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