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Mass media publications concerning amaranth and Amaranth Institute members' work

14 October 2016 Danish scientists turn to ancient crops to save planet
Researcher Sven-Erik Jacobsen thinks that the future of food might be found in our ancient past. In an interview with Science Nordic, Jacobsen said that old varieties of crops could potentially revolutionize our diet and help provide solutions to climate change and a limited global food supply. 

3 October 2016 Black amaranth muesli from Bolivia to showcase FAO's 'mountain food' logo
The UN's Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and Slow Food have created a logo for mountain foods to ensure producers receive a fair compensation, help consumers make informed choices and protect endangered products.

25 August 2016 The Aztecs Once Revered It. Will You Fall For Amaranth, Too?
If the popularity of quinoa has taught us anything, it's that Americans are increasingly open about exploring grains besides the familiar wheat and rice. Now, researchers at Tennessee State University are hoping consumers are ready to give another ancient grain a try: amaranth.

16 August 2016 How to Use Amaranth or Ramdana: The Nutritious and Gluten Free Grain
The rise of amaranth to modern food stardom can of course be directly attributed to its gluten-free status. It has so many of the positive benefits of grains without really being a grain. And its nutritive benefits are off the charts.

15 August 2016 TSU Researchers Hope The Ancient Grain They’re Growing Becomes The Next Quinoa
Amaranth is best known as a grain revered by the Aztecs in Mexico. But you can find it growing in modern-day Nashville, along the Cumberland River, in an experimental field at Tennessee State University.

8 June 2016 Achieve Superfoods Product Launch Targets the Health-Conscious With New Amaranth Snack-Energy Bar
Joshua Aisen, Naval officer, recent Harvard graduate, husband, and father of three is the founder of the startup. How did he go from the flight deck of an aircraft carrier to creating a snack bar? It started when Josh was assigned responsibility for the fitness of the 3,000 sailors on the ship USS George Washington.

18 May 2016 Rachel Hunter's Tour Of Beauty: Health Benefits of Amaranth in Oaxaca
Supermodel Rachel Hunter visited Amaranth Institute founding member institution, Puente a la Salud Comunitaria in Oaxaca, Mexico, to learn about the ancient grain amaranth and its health benefits! This is a clip from Episode 12 of her Tour of Beauty television show featuring Puente's work with amaranth.

18 May 2016 Herbicide resistance gene found in Palmer amaranth
A new study co-authored by University of Illinois weed scientist Patrick Tranel shows that Palmer amaranth populations from Arkansas are now resistant to a class of herbicides known as PPO-inhibitors (PPOs).

4 May 2016 Golden Grail's AH Brands! Trumps the Protein Content
AH!Maranth, the newest product in the AH! Brands lineup. Currently the AH! Brands include KeenwAH, CheeAH, & MacAH. The Amaranth Seeds will follow the AH! Brand standards and also be Organic, Non GMO and Gluten Free. The new exciting product will be sold on

4 May 2016 May Grain of the Month Series: Amaranth
There are approximately 60 different species of amaranth growing around the world, including in their native land of Mexico, and extending as far as China, Russia and India. While this psuedocereal can now be found growing around the globe, it is in its native land where amaranth appears to be making the biggest impact.

2 May 2016 IFT Food Facts Releases New Video on Ancient Grains
Ancient grains have become staples in many diets due to their health benefits and exotic appeal. In fact, the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend daily intake of whole grains to be at least half of total grain consumption. IFT Past President Mary Ellen Camire discussed various ancient grains and their dietary benefits with IFT Food Facts to create this video.

21 April 2016 PepsiCo adds ancient grains quinoa and amaranth to Quaker line-up
PepsiCo is extending its Quaker line-up with four new products featuring ‘supergrains’ such as quinoa or amaranth.

16 March 2016 Ancient Grains Make Healthful, Tasty Cookies
Chemist George E. Inglett and his colleagues at Agricultural Research Service™s (ARS) National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research (NCAUR) in Peoria, Illinois, examined the physical properties of chia and amaranth that contain lysine—an essential amino acid. In one experiment, scientists blended amaranth flour with oat products containing beta-glucan, which is associated with lowering blood cholesterol, to make nutritious, gluten-free sugar cookies.

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