2018 Amaranth Institute / ECHO / World Vision Meeting

2018 Amaranth Institute / ECHO / World Vision Meeting

An international Amaranth Meeting is planned as a sub-meeting of a symposium on 'Best practices to improve nutrition in drylands'  jointly organized by the Amaranth Institute, ECHO East Africa and World Vision Tanzania, planned for 7 - 9 August 2018 in Arusha, EAST AFRICA.

The amaranth presentations and discussions will be held jointly with ECHO and World Vision Tanzania and supported by the Amaranth Institute. 

Location: Arusha, Tanzania


  • 7th August Integrating Nutrition, Health & Sustainable Agriculture 
  • 8th August Scaling up Dryland Food Production among Small African Farmers
  • 9th August Water and Sanitation technology

Organizers:  Elibariki Kisimbo, Sabine Winkler (for AI, Erwin Kinsey (For ECHO) and Makalius Charles (for WVT)

AI Support team:  Matthew Blair, Erwin Kinsey, Dorothy Nakimugwe, Tom Post, Mary Beth Thanhouser (Wilson) and World Renew staff who work in East Africa: Jim Z., Stephan L, Jenninah K, Raymond M, and Paul K

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