Amaranth Worldwide Project

Amaranth Worldwide Project (AWP) is a non-profit organization with the goal of increasing the beneficial utilization of amaranth as a source of food, medicine, and in other applications.

AWP commits to uniting a community of people, companies, and research institutions to advance this goal. Specifically, AWP will serve as a platform and catalyst for relationships among these groups so that all the benefits that amaranth has to offer to people are discovered and made known. 

Projects taken on by AWP are limited in scope only in that they must advance amaranth and pass the approval by our officers and board. Projects could include: development of new products containing amaranth, academic research, courses and training in growing amaranth, or promotion of a cause in which amaranth can play a significant role.

 AWP is sponsored by companies and donations by individuals who wish to see amaranth utilized fully for the benefit of people. 

Amaranth Worldwide llc. of San Diego, California is our primary sponsor as we are getting off the ground, but AWP is an independent, open forum where all people of good conscience are welcome.

Stephen Ankenman


Amaranth Worldwide Project