Call For Papers 2015

In representation of the Amaranth Institute Board and members, I am excited to invite extend a call for proposals to present during the 2015 Amaranth Institute conference to be held in Chicago, Illinois from September 24-26.    

Oral PresentationsIf you are interested please send the title of oral presentations (aka open assembly) and basic executive summary, half a page to me  by April 1 (which could be extended if vacant slots exist).

My (cc to Jon Walters at We will have a data projector for presentations, although by no means is it required.

Poster PresentationsIf you could send us the title and basic content (1/2 page), I suspect the table space would be equivalent to 1.5 meters length. There is no additional cost for the poster presentations.

We also encourage you to bring food/product samples, photos, videos and any other creative ways to demonstrate your amaranth work.

Finally, I would encourage those who are interested in joining the Amaranth Institute or longstanding members to make their $20 donation towards your annual fees. Click here:

We look forward to the gathering, networking, learning and growing the amaranth community,

Have a wonderful holiday season!


Pete NollPresident, Amaranth Institute