1/4 kg of amaranth cereal       
1/2 a lemon 1 cone raw sugarcane       
1 cup of water   


Rice and amaranth smoothie

1 cup of amaranth flour         
1/4 kg of rice 
1 cup of amaranth cereal       
1 liter of water sugar and ground cinnamon (as necessary)  


Yellow chicken with amaranth


1/2 kg of tomatoes
2 onions
10 chilies guajillos
4 chayotes
1/4 kg of green beans
3 potatoes
1 cup of amaranth flour
1 kg of chicken
2 garlic cloves
Hierba Santa, cumin, pepper, and salt, to taste



Red salsa

10 amaranth leaves, cut into pieces
10 green chilies serranos
1/4 of an onion
1 garlic clove
3 tomatoes
cilantro, chopped, to taste
1/2 cup of amaranth flour
salt, to taste
1 cup of water


Nopal salad

10 nopal cactus pads, cut in cubes
1 avocado cut in pieces
15 large amaranth leaves        
half an onion, chopped
3 tomatoes, cut in pieces        
salt, to taste cilantro, washed and chopped  
1 cup puffed amaranth
**1/4 cup of vinegar (optional)  


Amaranth soup

1 cup amaranth flour           
1 cup of cold water
9 cups of beef or chicken stock   
0.5 kg of potatoes, diced
2 cups of raw, chopped carrots   
1 tbsp. oil 1 onion, chopped           
1 garlic clove, minced salt, to taste  


If you are a reputable dealer of agricultural equipment for the production of amaranth, we invite you to send your business information.

In addition, if you have developed an appropriate technology that you would like to share with the Institute, we will be happy to share it.

How to grow

Amaranth is a broadleaf plant that could be mistaken for soybeans early in the growing season by someone driving past a field. Late in the season, however, there is no mistaking this striking, tall crop which develops brilliantly colored grain heads producing thousands of tiny seeds. Amaranth was a major food of the Aztecs and earlier American cultures, having been domesticated thousands of years ago.

How to eat amaranth

Did you know that one of amaranth’s greatest attributes is its versatility in the kitchen? It can be added to soups, salads, stews, main courses, beverages and desserts.

Here is a starter list. Create a Blog entry or send us your favorite recipe and we will post it here.