The Amaranth Institute exists to meet the following objectives:

  • Contribute and extend knowledge of amaranth forms, characteristics and cultures so as to enlarge and preserve the previously diverse gene pool of this family of plants for current people, animals and prosperity.
  • Better lives through the exploration and dispensing of amaranth as the highly nutritious, hearty staple for the world's people.
  • Foster communication among and between people and agencies interested in amaranth, its uses, its past and its future.
  • Consider and deal with issues such as the importation, brokerage, storage, processing and distribution of amaranth and amaranth products.
  • Secure cooperative action in advancing the common purpose of its members.
  • Foster equality in business uses.
  • Promote activities aimed at enabling the amaranth industry to conduct itself with the greatest efficiency and economy.
  • Give consideration and expression to questions affecting the amaranth industry as related to production, financial, commercial and industrial interest of amaranth development.
  • Cooperate with other industries, organizations, governmental agencies and universities with regards to their work with amaranth.